Karen Jordan

Worship and Writing

YouTube/MeBangKeys (“Clear the Stage” by Ross King)


4 thoughts on “Worship and Writing”

  1. Thanks again Karen. I love the song and more than that the message behind it. It is something we all need to stop and realize, worship is not only found in music but it goes deeper than that. It is that very personal relationship we have with God that makes up true worship. My very favorite moments combine all aspects, prayer, music, confession, adoration and it is just God and me. He is my audience of one.


    1. Sometimes I wish the “performers” weren’t so obvious to me in a worship service. Often I have to just close my eyes, so I won’t be distracted by them. But it seems I hardly notice the “true worshippers.” Maybe that’s because they are not trying to gain our attention, but to give all the glory to the Lord. thanks for your comments, Pam.


  2. Karen, thank you for sharing this with us. The message brought such stillness to my soul, and the weeping began. I am so appreciative of all you and Anita are doing to encourage us in the call God has placed on our hearts. God bless you.


    1. Hi Suzan. As I searched for a message for our “Wordless Wednesday” (maybe we should change it to Wednesday Worship–hmmm, I’ll have to check that out) blog post, I ran across this song in my YouTube favorites. I’m beginning to realize that I need to “clear the stage” daily (sometimes more than that), before I begin anything on my “to do” list. And I’ve discovered that many times, I’ve put other things above God–which makes them an idol, right? Whether those things are my own selfish desires or even something he’s called me to do–I must not put anything before my worship of Him. Thank you for inspiring me with your passionate heart toward God and toward what he’s called you to do in His Kingdom. Blessings, friend!


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