Kathyrn Graves

Hamburger Helping

He's Laughing with Me: View from the dining room window at Kelsey's Cove--maybe he's my conscience!

The irony stared back at me from my hand. I held a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and actually planned to eat it, along with the fries and Coke that came in the “meal.” My husband and I were traveling back home to Wichita after my 6-month follow-up visit at the UMKC Cancer Center in Kansas City. We were in a rush because we had just talked to our daughter-in-law, who was driving to our house from her home in Denver and bringing our two-year old grandson to see us. She would arrive about the same time we would if we didn’t linger over a nice dinner. So we stopped on the Turnpike at the only dining establishment. You guessed it, McDonald’s.

Because of my recent bout with cancer, I read everything I can get my hands on about how to prevent a recurrence. I don’t want to go through that again. While I trust completely in the Lord for His will to be done, I also want to do my part. I have learned that eating fast food is dangerous for me. But there I was, about to indulge.

It really can be difficult to do what I know is right, and on occassion, I fall off the nutrition wagon. But I have learned some things I’d like to share, because I don’t want any of my writer friends to suffer needless maladies.

We do know that there is a link between insulin spikes and inflammation. When our bodies digest food as glucose–that would include sugar, starch (read carbohydrates-even complex carbs), and excess protein–it triggers an insulin spike. This sets up an inflammatory response. While inflammation is good for healing wounds and infections, it is not good when we’re not wounded.

There is also a connection between inflammation and cancer. Chronic inflammation leads to cancer. It also leads to a whole host of other diseases, such as asthma, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, coronary artery, and anything ending in “-itis.” So if one has, or wants to avoid, any of these, slowing down on the glucose would be advisable. And please don’t assume that means free reign on fake sugar. All of it is bad for you.

So as we pulled into the next rest stop (McDonald’s) and ordered two Shamrock shakes; I decided to enjoy the moment. But I couldn’t wait to get home so I could eat mostly salad the next day. Oh, and there was that cute little boy who would greet me in the driveway.


Do you, like me, struggle with eating the way you know you should? Do you have any coping strategies you’d like to share? Or have you successfully changed your eating habits and noticed a dramatic change in your health? Your testimony would encourage the rest of us.


4 thoughts on “Hamburger Helping”

  1. Thanks Kathy for this insight about inflammation! That makes good sense to me. Since John has diabetes, this information is quite valuable to us.


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