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Nutrition Insights for Writers

As Christian writers, we all ask ourselves, “What do I hope to accomplish?” The answer is always some version of leading readers into a more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. A principle assumption is that we have to have it before we can give it away.

This blog site is a beautiful place where we can share inspiration with each other and find encouragement. In this spirit, I want to help you gain and/or maintain the physical health needed to sustain a writing ministry.

A little over a year ago I wouldn’t have understood the need for such writing. But exactly one year ago today I discovered the lump in my breast that would send me into chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. Those treatments may have saved my life, but they halted my ability to write for a while. Now I realize the importance of staying healthy, so I can share what God has put in my heart.

I know some writers who have other, major health issues, too. I now realize, after a lot of reading and study, that it really is no wonder my body couldn’t fight off the cancer. And it is no wonder others suffer some of their debilitating diseases. We aren’t treating our bodies the way God intended.

It is easy to just eat what we can grab in our crazy, busy lives. But when we take a look at the intricate molecular structure of our bodies, we see a finely tuned marvel. We’re like Ferraris. Expensive, deluxe models.

Psalm 139 expresses David’s amazement at God’s creativity and also His love and purpose for each of us. God not only designed us to look the way we do on the outside, but to run efficiently on the inside. Just as you would never put cheap or degraded fuel in a Ferrari, you shouldn’t put it in your body, either.

Jesus said we are to love others as we love ourselves. It is an act of love to write. But I don’t believe we can offer others the best if we aren’t taking care of ourselves. If our brains are foggy, our attention spans are short, or our arms or hands don’t work properly as a result of drug treatments for illness, or if our feet swell while we sit at the computer, we can’t write as efficiently or as often as we should.

Good nutrition doesn’t happen by accident, and it doesn’t have to taste like cardboard, either. I want to help you understand the way God designed your body to be fueled, and help you find creative, tasty ways to feed it.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8 TNIV).


What nutrition advice can you offer our StoryWriters? [Leave your comments below.]


13 thoughts on “Nutrition Insights for Writers”

  1. Thank you Kathy. Now I will continue working on answering the other part of your question and will, hopefully, post that in the next few days.


  2. BRAIN EXERCISES – I’m not a person who can sit and stare at the TV or just sit without doing something for very long. I keep myself busy with things that stimulate my brain. I enjoy doing SUDOKU puzzles, which I feel are one of the best stimulators I’ve found. When I started doing them, I would need to make side notes of possible numbers for most of the empty squares for the “medium” to “very hard” puzzles. Now I’ve trained my brain to do that work. Crossword puzzles is another great brain exerciser I enjoy. I’m an avid reader and enjoy reading all types of Christian materials. I’m a creator and really enjoy creating things on the computer by constantly learning new methods of creativity via “trial and error” method. I make a lot of photo creations for myself and family. I am a bookkeeper and enjoy making numbers balance. I really enjoy being the statistician for family information and events and for other outside influences in my life (which reminds me – as soon as I get this written, I must update our family information page with new addresses and get it ready to send out to family members!). Organizing events and “things” that take a lot of planning are another way I keep my brain busy to aid in staving off the grips of dementia and that dreaded Alzheimer’s Disease.


      1. I realized that I left out an important “Brain Exercise” that has become very vital to my husband and I, especially in the last few years. First, I must tell you that my husband is now 87 years old. For those who know him, they find it difficult to believe he is that old. He acts and looks like he’s pushing 70 maybe. Because of recent health issues for him, we have been forced to stay at home much more than ever before in the 37 years we’ve been married. He’s also been one to see the importance of stimulating the brain and is an avid reader. Many evenings (and sometimes even during the daytime hours now), we will play games that evoke a lot of thinking. Games such as “Skip Bo”, “Upwords”, “Phase 10”, “Spinner”, and “Scrabble”. When we first started playing a lot, he kept making lots of “goofs” because his attention span wasn’t up-to-par and I would usually beat the socks off of him. Now – he is a very competitive contender indeed!! He beats me (fair & square) at least half of the time – and I’m 23 years younger than he is!! I continue to see marked improvement in his abilities by playing these games. He keeps me on my toes for sure!


      2. THE LORD’S LEADING IN MY LIFE – The song, “The Longer I Serve Him” by Bill Gaither is certainly a testament to my life. I gave my heart to Jesus 43 years ago and definitely feel closer to Him today than ever before. Each day gets sweeter and sweeter because He is my Savior and Lord. In the last 10 years especially, I have come to realize more and more that my every breath is taken only because He allows it. Everything I am privileged to undertake is only because He gives me grace and mercy. In the earlier years, I wondered what people meant when they would say that they heard from God in “a still small voice”. I wonder no more because I hear that “still small voice” more and more. Those thoughts that make their way into my mind completely unexpected I’ve come to know as promptings from the Lord. Thoughts that I never would have thought of on my own. I truly believe that is why I realized what I needed to do, nutrition wise, to make my body healthier. Only from those promptings was I led to make the drastic changes in my diet. The arthritic condition I mentioned I was beginning to experience has completely disappeared. One of my fingers was already showing the tell-tale signs of that disease, with a huge red knuckle. Now, even that has diminished. I quit eating sweets, chocolate, and junk food, cut back on breads, red meat, and processed foods, started eating a lot more fruits and vegetables, and substituted healthy nuts for unhealthy snacks. I use honey to sweeten instead of sugar or sugar substitutes. After the first month, I felt so much better than I’d felt in a very long time – and I didn’t even know I wasn’t feeling good!! I had already been doing workouts with one of those large workout balls and 5 pound weights, so I continue to do that for an hour at least 4 times a week. By doing the workouts along with the change in diet, I have had another unexpected surprise. I now wear size 8 jeans & slacks, which I’ve never been able to wear in my adult life due to my larger proportioned mid section and hips. I feel healthier now than I have my entire adult life. I praise the Lord for imparting His wisdom to me and allowing me to enjoy this healthier lifestyle.


      3. Wow! Your story is amazing, Skeeter. What an encouragement to me. If you can do it, so can I.



  3. I could not agree with you more wholeheartedly! Nearly two years ago I drastically changed my own diet for two major reasons. One was to follow what I felt to be a prompting from the Lord as He showed me how sweets (chocolate in particular) was affecting an arthritic condition I was beginning to experience, and secondly, to do everything I could to fight off a disease that is very prominent in my family – Alzheimer’s Disease. I not only quit eating sweets and chocolate, but began eating lots more fruits and vegetables, being mindful of a much healthier diet. I continue to do workouts to keep my body healthy as well. I do lots of brain exercises to keep my brain active and learning. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made. I Praise the Lord for His guidance in this endeavor.


    1. Skeeter, We’d like to hear about your brain exercises. But we’d also like to hear more about how the Lord prompted you to change and how this specifically has helped. Maybe these could be two separate articles. The word count limit is 500. Looking forward to hearing more from you, Kathy



  4. Hi Kathyrn. yes, we need to really focus more on what we put into our bodies. My husband, Bill, and I are now eating a low fat, plant-based diet. Whole grains, vegs, fruits. It is dramatically changing our health and the food is very enjoyable. No more SAD diet for us. Wish we would have started this long ago.


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