Kathyrn Graves

The Beauty of Writing

“It is cancer.”

It’s a good thing I was lying on the table in the ultra-sound room; otherwise I might have fainted. The lump I’d felt wasn’t a fibroid like others before. Shock enabled me to agree to the biopsy and call my husband. By the time I got to the parking lot, two hours from the moment I had left my car there, my world had caved in.

Somehow I drove home, where Bo was waiting for me. I fell into his lap in a chair and we cried. When I could talk, I said,”I’m so sad and afraid. Not afraid of dying, but afraid of what I’ll have to go through.”

I was afraid of the losses I faced. I knew I’d lose my hair during chemo, I didn’t know if I’d lose one breast, maybe both. (It turned out, I didn’t lose either one–the surgeon did a lumpectomy.) Breast cancer robs a woman of everything that makes her feel beautiful. The irony was that I write about beauty.

God led me on a journey in search of beauty that began in my childhood when I felt like the ugliest person on the planet. Ultimately I found it when I found my identity in Christ. But along the way, He provided people who built me up emotionally and experts who became my friends and taught me physical beauty techniques. By the time of my cancer diagnosis, I was a confident woman who loved helping other women discover their own inner and outer beauty.

And then I faced losing it all.

In the midst of the worst suffering I could imagine, when I felt like a bald, skinny alien – and not the pretty actress kind – I found a new, different kind of beauty. The beauty that comes from suffering. I didn’t realize it at the time because I was too busy fighting the effects of my treatment, and frankly, battling daily spiritual attacks.

As the trauma from chemo and surgery eased, just before radiation started, another bombshell landed. One of our dearest friends suddenly died. As I grieved with my friend, his widow, I began to write to her. Six weeks later, their nineteen year old son suddenly died. I wrote some more. As I wrote, the Lord spoke to me, too. He began healing me spiritually and emotionally. He also gave me a new purpose for writing–to help others in their suffering.

I’m well now, back to holding personal style sessions and writing about the inner beauty that only comes from God. But out of a determination to prevent a cancer recurrence, I began to study. What I found revolutionized my views of nutrition and fitness. This information is an extension of the beauty theme, and I’m passionate about sharing it, too.

The Bible has a lot to say about beauty. After all, God created it. I hope my posts here will help you discover your real beauty and motivate you to express it in beautiful words.


How do you define “real beauty”?


11 thoughts on “The Beauty of Writing”

  1. Beautiful story. I define real beauty as the person inside…a person who loves, forgives, is gracious, not self-seeking, kind. I strive for those, and though I often fall short, I trust in the fact that HE is not finished with me yet! I so hurt for the young women of America who are so caught up with outward beauty and comparing themselves with others on TV, and thus terribly insecure – and also the older women that can’t accept a few wrinkles or uneven body shapes! God help us to get back to true beauty – the inward beauty of a heart that loves God and others.


    1. I completely agree, Mary Lou. However, I don’t think we can discount our own feelings about how we look, either. That’s why it’s important to share beauty and fashion tips. I try to help women discover simple ways to improve how they feel about their appearance. A new scarf tied creatively can liven up an outfit we’ve had for a long time and make us feel fabulous when we walk out the door. Cute boots somehow feel empowering. We’re a complete package and need to embrace it.



      1. Kathryn, what you do is truly a ministry! We women feel better in every way when we know we look our best. Even back when I was having my babies (4 sons) I decided early on that I would not let myself “go” physically. I put on at least some eye make-up everyday and tried to look my best for my husband. God is not glorified by us looking like something the cat brought in! Often when I see a woman that’s dressing shabbily or has hair that is unkempt I wish I could help her find something cute to wear or a better solution for her hairstyle. I believe God made we women to want to look nice, and I agree with that. It’s just sad to see the young women comparing themselves to the actresses & models on TV and even though many are lovely, they are not satisfied because of that comparison. That’s what breaks my heart. I wish they could all know how loved they are by their Maker and know the peace that comes from that knowledge.


  2. Thanks Kathy, for sharing this Web Site with us. I look forward to following it and reading (and perhaps writing) what the Lord leads. May the Lord continue to Bless your writing and your life.


      1. Thank you Karen. I believe the Lord is opening up a new venture for me with StoryWriting Studio. Blessings on you this day.


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