Anita Agers Brooks

Why I’m a Writer

Story Writing Studio
Author Anita Agers Brooks

I opened the document and the breath whooshed out of my lungs. After a few stunned moments I spoke to the empty room, “Surely something’s wrong with the test. Dad isn’t my biological father?”

At forty-six years old, this wasn’t the message I’d expected when I said to God, “Here am I. Send me. What message do you have for your servant today?”

But, as I grieved, questioned, and searched over the weeks to come, a marvelous new thought swirled in and out of my mind. God mixed my DNA precisely to create the biology that made me adore words and their meanings. He blended in a love for details like the hues in a rainbow, craggy crevices, the aroma of orange blossom, songbird melodies, and the flavor of hazelnut cream. I was uniquely designed to write.

The final pieces of evidence are the layers of dramatic events filtered throughout my life. Finding out my dad isn’t my biological father is only one in a series of intriguing stories that feed my imagination and spur my compassion to reach others.

I am a writer because reading is my obsession, but I’m compelled to write. I am a writer because life has taught me valuable lessons I want to share with others. I am a writer because I love stories, and I never want to stop telling them. I am a writer because God takes the ashes of my traumatic experiences and turns them into crowns of story. He turns my negatives into something beautiful.

Finally, I am a writer because it breathes life into my soul. It gives me a reason to get out of bed each morning. It gives me a purpose. It speaks to a secret place in my spirit and says, “This is why you were knittedĀ in your mother’s womb. This is what you were born to do. This is your high calling. You were made to write.”

What about you? What gets you out of bed? What stories inspire energy and consume your thoughts? Are you doing what you were born to do?

Anita Agers-Brooks is a Business Expert, Certified Personality Trainer, Communications Specialist, speaker, and writer. She lives in Missouri with her husband.

Contact her via or
She blogs Monday-Friday at www.freshstartfreshfaith.wordpress.c0m


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