Karen Jordan

My Writing Dreams

For the first few posts of The StoryWriting Studio, we want to share some of our writing journeys with you. My writing journey begins. 

My journey to publication started back in the early 1980s, while we were attending seminary. When my friend, Coralie, told me about a writing for publication workshop that she planned to attend, I found myself envious of the opportunity that had been given her. Since we were both seminary students, neither of us could attend on our budgets without a special gift or scholarship. 

Friend’s encouragement needed. When Coralie heard about the writers’ workshop, she applied for a scholarship. And she received notice of her acceptance, before I knew anything about the workshop or the scholarship. So, when she told me about it, I had missed all the deadlines.

When Coralie realized my interest, she promised to tell me all about it and give me copies of anything of interest to me. So, after the conference, my interest began to grow, as Coralie walked me through each session of the workshop.  

First article accepted. When my husband Dan took a job on staff at the seminary later, I took advantage of the free classes available to staff members and their spouses. So, I enrolled in “Writing for Publication” with Dr. Lucien Coleman. My very first article accepted for publication was a required assignment for that class (an article in Living with Children magazine, now LifeWay’s ParentLife magazine). After that publication, I became discouraged because of a few rejections; so, I just stopped sending submissions for a long time.

Long journey from the shelf through school. Since my children were still young, I did not that that I had the freedom to pursue writing for publication. So, all my writings stayed on the shelf for a LONG time! Then, after my kids left the nest, I decided to go back to school to study writing and pursue my dreams once again.

Five years later, I was teaching freshman composition at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR). Some people jokingly refer to UALR as “The University of Absolutely the Last Resort,” since many of younger students would prefer not to commute to college. But as a nontraditional student, I appreciated the value of my education. And I was grateful that we had such an excellent university just a few miles from my home.

Dream of writing for publication. After I had taught a few years at UALR, I sensed God’s to continue my pursuit of writing publication. But my dreams were delayed once more by several years of ongoing family crises. But I eventually walked away from the academic world to focus my attention on writing for publication. Now, after several years on that journey, I’m finally seeing some fruit from my efforts.

StoryWriting Studio. My freelance efforts led me to join with two of my writing friends, Anita Agers Brooks and Kathryn Graves, to create The StoryWriting Studio. We wanted to share our writing stories and resources with other aspiring and experienced writers, and we hope other writers will join on this journey.

On Friday (2/24), one of my StoryWriting partners, Anita Agers Brooks, will tell her story, “Why I’m a Writer.” Then, our StoryWriting partner, Kathryn Graves, will tell her story on Monday (2/27). So, stay tuned … we’d love to hear your writing stories, and we look forward to your comments!


What is your story? We hope to hear from you soon!


7 thoughts on “My Writing Dreams”

  1. My journey began 20 years ago and like so many of you it began with a dream somewhat sketchy but I decided to see where it would lead so I enrolled in the Children;s Literature Insitutue and completed my courses and got my diploma and then that was where life began to get a little crazy. It is a much longer story than I have space to write but the desire to write remained but the timing was not right. God had a lot of work to do in me before He could do it through me. Fast forward I finished my first non-fiction book which was published this past year and have written 7 (yet to be published Children’s stories) working on 3 more projects and needing every minute of every day to just find time to write. Trying to work full-time, have a ministry, write and study fills me days to he brim. But, It is an exciting journey to say the least. Thanks Karen for inviting me to the group!


    1. It’s my pleasure, Pam! I’m so grateful that the Lord orchestrated our introduction via Facebook. I want to invite you to continue to share your writing journey with us. We hope to encourage writers in every stage of their journey. We want to be a resource for writers to share what they’ve learned, resources, web inks, etc. Thanks you so much for your encouraging story. Keep writing!!!


  2. I enjoyed hearing your story, Karen. I have been writing poems & songs for most of my life – and I even wrote a love story when a teen-ager. I don’t have room here to post the song & poem, so I will post them on my blog today. I’m not sure what my calling is concerning my writing, except that I do believe He wants me to continue writing worship songs-I write simple songs that are mostly prayers, like the old ones we used to do – so that folks can remember them. Many are from scripture, which helps me & others to memorize scripture. Blessings to you as you continue to follow in His footsteps and pursue Him, being salt and light in the world!


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