Mary May Larmoyeux

10 ways to remember the day a child is born

Can you identify this snake? Well, if you're a mom or grandmother, you might just think "boy in the house!" Yes, it's a plastic snake. And, yes, we've had a boy in the house. Our six-year-old grandson and his two sisters have been spending the last few days with Pops and me. That' s because they… Continue reading 10 ways to remember the day a child is born

Anita Agers Brooks, Uncategorized

The Juggling Act of Marketing While You Write

I learned a lot from the publication and release of my first book. Instead of dwelling on what I did wrong or inefficiently, I’m focusing on improving those areas when Getting Through What You Can’t Get Over releases in April, 2015 via Barbour Publishing.

Karen Jordan

Writing the Cards and Letters That Matter Most

What cards and letters have you held on to over the years? As I looked through my memory box of correspondence, I discovered several categories. Old Christmas cards Valentine cards from my husband and children Letters to my mother, when I first moved away from my hometown Birthday cards from my husband and children Thank-you… Continue reading Writing the Cards and Letters That Matter Most

Kathyrn Graves

The Power of Invisible

Sometimes a writer needs to disappear. Right now I have two big projects going at the same time. My phone keeps beeping, my family needs to eat, the papers pile up on the coffee table, and I don't have any clean clothes to put on. All these distractions crowd into my mind while I'm trying… Continue reading The Power of Invisible

Mary May Larmoyeux

Remember the First Moonwalk: One Small Step for Man

One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind. (Neil Armstrong) On July 20, 1969, the lunar module Eagle landed on the moon. Six hours later, Commander Neil Armstrong stepped onto its surface. Do you remember that day ... that "moment"? I do. My dad and I walked outside our home on that very… Continue reading Remember the First Moonwalk: One Small Step for Man

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After You Sign the Contract

You did it! You succeeded in acquiring an agent, your book sold, and you just signed your contract. Ahhh. Life is amazing. But... There's more work to do. Maybe the hardest work of all. This is where an author truly needs encouragement, practical ideas, and inner strength. But it all starts with thoughts. "Success is… Continue reading After You Sign the Contract

Karen Jordan

Four Tips To Improve Your Listening Skills

 “Are you listening to me?”  Has anyone ever asked you that question? Or maybe that thought pierced your heart and mind, as you felt the sting of someone else ignoring or rejecting you? Consider these four ways to improve your listening skills. Resolve to be quick to listen. Many times, people who come to us… Continue reading Four Tips To Improve Your Listening Skills

Kathyrn Graves

Bible Study Basics

We all know we should read our Bibles, but doing it seems a real challenge. How to start? Where to start? Reading straight through has long been a problem for me because I get bogged down in Numbers or Deuteronomy. Trying to read the whole thing in a year doesn't work for me, either. I… Continue reading Bible Study Basics

Mary May Larmoyeux

Stories Shape History

One of our young grandsons recently asked me how old I'll be when he's a teenager. The truth is, I'll be about the age that my grandmother was when she entered eternity. Of course, I didn't tell him that. I think I said something like, "old." But his question made me think, How pmany years… Continue reading Stories Shape History

Anita Agers Brooks

Becoming an Expert to Support Your Writing

If you seriously pursue writing for very long, you'll soon hear it, especially if you write any form of non-fiction. "You need to become an expert to build your platform." "But an expert in what," you might ask. I used to ask the same thing, but here's a few things I discovered about becoming an expert… Continue reading Becoming an Expert to Support Your Writing